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crack whore confessions
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The freaks come out at night! This is Rachael, a 27 year old single mother of seven. Her cock sucking supports her and her 66 year old boyfriend's crack habit. Rachael's seven kids of course, are paid for by your tax dollars since they are wards of the state. She is a thoroughbred crack whore, learning her street walking skills young following in the foot steps of her mother. Being a crack ho is a hard knock life.

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April has acquired a taste for rough sex from being abused and beaten repeatedly by her husband. In fact, a Mexican too cheap to pay just smacked her around yesterday! She is 27 and has outstanding warrants that will put her behind bars for 15+ years! This is the type of girl that just wants you to take it from her. Watch her ass get violated, just like hubby used to. In true gourmet fashion, after a meal of an ass to mouth creampie she tosses a fine salad.
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A life long cocaine fiend, comes up a two time loser when her father and then step father take turns sexually abusing her. At 19 she turns pro and the rest is a tragic downward spiral. In her twenties, she had to support a ravenous $1,000 per day crack habit! How is it possible for a street urchin to get that kind of cash? Fancying herself a female Jessie James, she took to robbing banks! I am not quite sure what this means, but she claims to HATE being a whore but thinks it's FUN!?!? How Crackish.
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street walker

Proof dreams DO come true. She wanted to be a high class whore in New York... Well I guess one out of three ain't bad. She proudly proclaims her love for three hole action, commonly known as "Air Tight". Be careful with this one, she has been known to tie guys up, choke them, force them to drink her piss, and even ass fuck them with a strap on! She really enjoys tossing a good salad while jacking someone off. What a full on freak "

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A veteran crack ho, she only puts down the pipe long enough to pick up a cock, to get another rock. She has an insatiable oral fixation and cum is the nutritional part of her crack diet. She has been known to suck off up to 30 guys a day to keep the pipe full and burning... Watch this video to hear her horrid tales of street walking in the concrete jungle. This crack whore was thrilled to do this video for only
$20 dollars and a hot lunch.
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