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Now this is an experienced crack whore. She is a former waitress at the local truck stop and that provides her cover story. Lately instead of serving tables, she has been sucking and fucking guys off the street for the last 8 months. Her prices seem to be very competitive. She started by giving me head but she was so lazy that a five dollar upgrade got me the pussy. She promptly jumped on the couch, ass up...

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The angelic crack whore... She is a real piece of work, slutting out other crack whores and explaining how to be a female pimp. She was once a beauty queen but now she is a dope fiend. Now that she has lost a tooth to the crack tooth fairy. Her escorting biz backfired when her common-law husband became her employees best paying customer. Now she is fighting for custody of her two bastard children, while smoking both cock and crack rock on the streets...

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She was on some sort of fear and loathing annual crack binge while her kids were in summer camp. Quick trips to the street provide easy cash to fuel her crack fire. You can see the effects of the highly rated crack diet. These are obviously the after pictures, she was once a plump 210 lbs. Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and that Atkins diet all put together can't touch this program... She should write a book.

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