trailer trash

Born in Prison to a Junkie Mother...

Born in prison to a junkie mother, she enters the world suffering withdraws. Now as an adult, nothing has changed. After I fuck her, this nasty bitch wipes her pussy with some dudes shirt! Then right before your very eyes she has a full fledged crack attack! See her wrath, as she blames me for missing her connection. She pleads with the dope man on the cell phone screaming " I'm SICK! I'm really SICK!" I had to quickly drop this wack bitch off at the corner store to get her fix...

Drug Addict Junkie/Crack Whore / Titty Dancer
Creampie Loving Escort  Hooker
Legs Spread Cleaning Up a Cream Filled Cunt

This Whacked out Crack Whore Goes Nuts When She Misses the Dope Man...
Her Confession proves Drugs can drive you Totally Insane!


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