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"Morally Reprehensible." -Emma

Hello love your website. I was surprised to see my ex-wife on your site! I almost puked at the site of that nasty whore in action. right now she is in jail on coke charges. I was wondering if you could either let me see the pics of "-------" or if you could tell me when it was shot . I'm in the middle of a custody battle with her and this could be a huge nail in her fucking coffin.

Crack Whore excuse letter:

It is with great urgency that I urge you to remove all
images and references to me from your website

An attorney has advised me that the contract Cracker Jack had me sign is not valid because of my being incompetent at the time.

I am bipolar, with disassociative identity disorder,
borderline personality, and post traumatic stress
disorder. You also show me smoking crack on your
website, so it is clear I was also under the influence
of narcotic...

Your posting me on your site sent me to the crisis
center twice, as I have become suicidal over it. The
damages go much further than that, including explicit
detailed mention (during the video) of innocent
parties who did not participate in the video...

Now that you have been made aware of this situation, if
you do not completely remove me from your website, any
attorney will advise you that you will become liable
for treble damages, both to me and to the innocent
parties involved.

I have met others in drug treatment that are also
quite disturbed by your videos of them!

Please let me know your intentions as soon as

The best way to avoid further damages is to remove me
as soon as possible. Your website will survive
without me. If you fail to act soon, my attorneys
will go to any lengths to have this removed, including
seeking criminal prosecution.

A lot of these vids show these unfortunate girls, products of our government and their ways, giving you head with no condom. are you aware that STDs can be transferred by condom? Or are you some fuck who already is infected and just doesn't care? Either way, I hope you never forget how you exploited these people rather than helping them. I guess your only another product of our government.

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Save the Crack Whore Fund
Dear Webmaster,

Would like to see some bony, anorexic looking crack ho's. I saw an mpeg of Val (I think) at a Yahoo group...
I used to belong to a couple websites... Anorexic and Bulimic Rec Room & Super-skinny.com

These only had photos - but all of them were anorexic prostitutes from Hamburg Germany, most of them were addicted to some drug or other.

I liked everything I could see as a non member... the quality of mpegs, the conversations with the girls about their fucked up lives, etc. Very interesting and original. If those old anorexic sites I liked so much would have had an angle like this (mpegs) they may have survived.


I just ran across your site... Priceless. I love the fact that you are bare backing (and creampie) these girls, that's hot man. We are working on a similar site here in Cincinnati, minus the bare backing. lol

Keep it up, just wanted to give props. :-)
Hello! Thanks for this stuff. First I can't imagine that the content is really true, but after joining I see the reality. Don't know exactly why I joined this stuff, but think we have a problem in the net to see real stuff, not only normal porn. Live in Germany and we don't have a problem with
crack, but in my town we have drugged out street prostitutes. I also enjoy these girls, dangerous kicks...hope you are fine, waiting for more. Its good that the girls have a little interview before they suck of your
dick...all right...best wishes
- P
All the guys at the motorcycle shop love this site ... god do they have crack whores, they have better stories than you do. Good luck...
Now that's an Anal whore! Super update! Now that's what I like seeing, giving it to a crack whore hard and fast. Make her scream out you the man! Can't wait to see the next whore update!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love crack whores, and would love to have one as a girlfriend. How can I get in touch with them?
Hi, this is john at Vegassexparty.com crackwhoreconfessions.com is the coolest site in the history of Adult Sites.....Seriously !!!!

Talk about pushing the envelope LOL I would be interested in promoting your site. Do you have an affiliate program ?
Keep up the good work
- John
We Sure Do! Check us out at HowIgotRich.com
G’day Cracker Jack,

Just wanted to send a quick message to tell you how much I love your work. You have explored an aspect of society that many people would fear to journey into.

I thought “Bumfights” had taken us to new reality lows but you have topped the class ha-ha !. I watch your videos and sometimes I laughed, sometimes I’m disturbed. The vids are a great journey. I’m from a low-class background and really appreciate your dark humor. I loved April the chick that got ravaged by the Mexican the day before you shot the vid lol.

About me, I’m an Aussie who lives in the Philippines. We run an adult travel club go2phil.com which caters for guys cruising for whores in S.E Asia. We also run some live chat sites honeydolls.com and asianbabecams.com. I live in a town where there are over 2000 bargirls. Cost is about $20 and they will stay with you all night! They are great girls too man, very willing ;)

Maybe you can use some of your crack whore profits to come and visit us in the Philippines. We will show u how to party SE Asian style. It is like a buffet of hookers here.

Anyway if you have time drop me a line. Love the crack whores, they are hilarious mate.

Kind Regards,
Hello, I was wondering where you found Karen the pregnant crack whore? If she had any contact info and if she is looking for a boyfriend.
- J
Yo, give me the 411 of Suzy if u got it man, I wanna go to FL. and meet this bitch. No really, where does she hangs or how to get in touch with her. later dude. fucking awesome. I came for each one of them but Suzy really likes to fuck fucking awesome
Hey, does your site have any girl/girl action? It would be so hot to see the crack whores lick other girl's asses.
Employment needed...
I need work.
I am a former crack addict, over the road truck driver, and a male slut. I have driven over 46 of the lower 48 including Canada and Mexico.
While on the road I scored crack and crack sluts in every major city in the US in every state that I visited.
I have the same knack for finding these whores today.
I grew up in and on the mean streets of Detroit and there is not a city or area of a city that I would not venture into day or night including but not limited to New York, LA, DC, Chicago, Miami, Phili, Newark, Atlanta, Nashville, Detroit, etc........
I'm 47 yrs old, 6' 6" tall 225 lbs and have a 9" cock.
If I can be of service to you let me know.
BAAHAHAHAHA OMFG your site is legit, how fucked up. Are you worried about STDs from crack whores (they are all butt ugly) damn your site must rack in a lot of cash(for crack probably). Damn makes me feel good for only being a pot head. lol this site is fucking hilarious
I loved Rachael's one
in Crackwhoreconfessions where she was creampied and
she said she was going to get pregnant and he was
going to have a baby too. I can't think of anything
nastier than knocking a crack whore up. When they're
creampied you should tell them you hope they get
pregnant, and maybe have a crack baby and get their
reaction to that. It'd be especially great if when
they asked you not to cum in them that you did anyway
just so you could potentially get them pregnant.
Yo, The dude who is fucking, is too funny. Half the time I am laughing my balls off. When he was in that crack whores house who wiped her pussy with the T shirt he gave that little tour of that crack shack. Dinning room / storage room or what ever he said he said he had me and my boys rolling on the ground.

Down in Florida you guys got a lot of white whores. I live about 20 miles from New York City 75% of the whores up hear are niggers or Puerto Ricans there are some white chicks but not like there are down there dam. Great sight good reality TV I love it. I guess this world is a real fucked up place, the stories some of these whores tell Hollywood could not think of. This site beats any Jerry Springer show. Me and my friends love the sight and get to laugh at the same time. Keep up the good work. Get a black whore on the site. -Peace

Hello, I love your site, But the last few whores you had on only gave you a blow job. I used to love watching you fuck them or to see their pussy! Have you every thought about having a crack whore 2 web site where you have some one help you out and they go to a different town and do a video there, every week a different town? I would love to help you out, You got a great web site!
Let me know,
Re: Rachael

Hello Webmaster,
All I can say is WOW! How did you get her life story, your dick sucked, and cum in her pussy all in one go, and on Camera?!?

If possible, I would like to meet this lady. Any way you can forward my email address to her? Or perhaps send contact information to me? Who knows, when she has given birth to the baby you gave her, I can have her have one for me :)

I'm serious.

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