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Heroin is my drug of choice... But she definitely has an honorary crack ho membership. Meet Kimberly, a self mutilating, part time crack ho, full time heroin junkie. She is the kind of stripper that prefers to stay off the stage and in the back room. Yep, she would rather let you tango with her tonsils in the back room than shake her ass on stage. She is one rung above rock bottom... see if she looses her grip!

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At only 19 years old, she is already a classic street urchin. Her boyfriend got busted and is now tossing salads in prison while she is forced to suck off strangers to pay for her next Happy Meal. She isn't old enough to drink, but she sure will fuck the shit out of everyone with a spare $20... But you better hurry before she loses any teeth to the crack monster. Take a look a the neighborhood doorknob, everybody gets a turn!

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Ditzy and full of designer drugs, this euro chick was so incoherent that it made my interview very difficult. Her babble was crazy and her body was distracting. Since I am always horny, we got right to the dick sucking and a solid car seat fucking. I ask her about her old man while repeatedly slamming my beef into her sloppy snatch. It is funny to watch her squirm when I mention him. Of course, I sent her home to the hubby with a wet juicy secret surprise...

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